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Cane Creek Valley Farm is a fourth generation, family owned and operated organic vegetable farm located in Fletcher, NC. Our family has been farming in the Cane Creek Community for over 105 years.

It all began with George W. Nesbitt. He purchased the farm in 1903 and grew organic vegetables that he sold locally and to surrounding communities. He brought up two lovely daughters, Lynne and Georgia, and a son named John K. Nesbitt.

John grew up working the land behind a horse and plow. He had a very real understanding of the land and his environment – and that fostered a genuine love for farming. He left the farm as a young man to pursue a degree in Agronomy, taught classes to help other farmers improve their farms, and worked for the Soil and Water Conservation District. Then he moved his young family back to the farm where he and his wife Mary raised a family of five children. He spent the rest of his life applying all that he had learned and experienced to his own farming practices.

John introduced the first Holstein cows to the farm operation in 1954 and a dairy operation began. The focus on growing vegetables shifted to growing corn, hay and grain crops for the cattle. He took great pride in caring for his land and passed that philosophy of conservation down to his son George A. Nesbitt (‘Tony’) as they worked side by side.

Tony was born and raised on the farm and describes himself as a farm boy that truly enjoys life on the farm! Some of his earliest memories are riding on the tractor through the fields with his Dad – he taught him a lot about the practice of farming.

Tony and his wife, Celia D. Nesbitt, completely took over the responsibility of the family farm in 1986. Over the years, they have grown the dairy operation from a 75 cow herd to a 550 cow herd. T&C Dairy currently sells almost a million gallons of antibiotic free, hormone free milk each year that is locally processed in Asheville, NC and distributed to surrounding area stores. They have made their living for 35 years dairy farming on this land. They consider themselves blessed to be able to farm and raise their family of nine children on this land and in the community they grew up in and call home.

In August 2005, their daughter Amanda N. Sizemore, along with her husband Jeremy and their two children Emma and Judson, came back home to the family farm. With a desire to diversify the farm and create a more sustainable operation – the certified organic vegetable branch was created and named Cane Creek Valley Farm.

Like her grandfather, Amanda pursued a degree in Horticulture from Clemson University and wanted to apply what she learned to the family farm. Jeremy was able to quit his job as a metal urgist and devote his entire focus to the farm in 2008.

The two farm operations compliment each other quite well. The dairy supplies a constant source of compost and manures for soil amendments and fertilizers the vegetables need to grow. And Tony gets to continue the tradition of sharing his years of experience and knowledge with the next generation of farmers. The vegetable operation has grown from 2.5 acres to 55 acres since 2007. We continue to grow and diversify our markets because our community and surrounding neighbors understand the importance and value of organically grown food. There is still a lot of work to be done in order to transition this farm to the next generation and we will be depending upon your support.  

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